Fan Dance Video – Jennifer Lopez – Dance Again ft. Pitbull

Following what has become a tradition at the Orlando Salsa Congress  – for the uninitiated, the Orlando Salsa Congress is a yearly Salsa Dance Conference held in, well, Orlando. A few thousand salsa dance enthusiasts spend a weekend at a hotel dancing, performing, taking classes, and enjoying their time at the pool. Well, these events happen all over the world. This particular one, where we filmed the video below, was held in Tampa, FL. 

At the 2012 edition of the International Salsa & Bachata Congress (Tampa), we had an hour and a half to find dancers, come up with a venue, choreography, rehearse, set up sound & lights, and perform each section at least 2 times. I then ran up to the hotel room to edit the footage into a draft that we screened that same night to hundreds of people in the main ballroom on a 20′ projection screen. Here’s the final product after a few more days of tweaking.

Jareau AlmeydaFan Dance Video – Jennifer Lopez – Dance Again ft. Pitbull