Who Am I?

The majority of my 20+ years in the online B2B space has been spent walking the line between business and technology. I’ve seen divestitures and mergers, new product/brand introductions, legacy product/brand sunsettings, and I’ve seen incredible analytics platforms that inform aggressive growth periods and necessary consolidations, all since 2001.

I’m just as comfortable talking to an executive business partner about the Software Development Life Cycle, as I am with talking to the technology team about complex business requirements, objectives, constraints, KPI’s, short-term timelines, long-term roadmaps, and let’s not forget the need for data and analytics.

What I enjoy doing.

I enjoy being part of a high-performing, data-centric culture that is predicated on openness, transparency, and continuous improvement. I thrive in long term partnerships with senior and executive leadership across the globe as we drive towards net-new insights and value-add. The academic side of me absolutely requires detailed documentation for replicability and extensibility. We mustn’t forget mentoring young people — and equally important, being mentored by our experienced leaders — as a critical step to keeping this good thing going.

My path, thus far.

My career is underscored by four separate $10B+ organizations, two multinational mergers, numerous divestitures, deep agency, contractual, as well as entrepreneurial and higher education experiences. At the foundation of it all are great, passionate people many of whom have become dear friends.

My academic preparation.

On that higher education point, I’ve experienced the full spectrum: Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and a Doctoral Degree. I promised my wife I wouldn’t get any more degrees… she wasn’t amused when I joked about getting a J.D.

This website is about my professional contributions to the world.

Read on, and thanks for checking in.

Brands I’ve Worked With

Global Publicly Traded Companies, Agencies, Nonprofits, Small Businesses, Sole Proprietorships.
My skill set transcends business size, type, or industry.

A Few Words From My Esteemed Colleagues

  • You have paved the way with [frankly] awesome analysis with visitor intelligence and so much more. Your great work contributed to the team’s ongoing success and you have been an outstanding colleague.

    M.Kemp Johnson Controls
  • Thank you for the great work you have done to help our business grow.  We are a better organization as a result of your efforts. Wishing you continued success, for you and your beautiful family.

    H. Monaco Johnson Controls
  • Jareau is a professional who can be counted on and has always made me look great on all projects. His thoroughness, precision, and expertise have always shined through. He presents incredibly well and is very clear getting to the heart of the information needed. You can count on his insights and recommendation to point to success.

    G. DeGorsky BGT Partners
  • Though my time was short with Tyco, my experience was great. Not only have I dove into a large corporation for the first time and learned how they actually function, but had the opportunity to work with talented, ridiculously smart individuals. One individual that needs a big honorable mention is Jareau. Seeing that I was really new to the corporate world, he graciously took under his wing to show me the ropes. Getting to work with Jareau was a real pleasure, not only does he have a vast knowledge base of what he does but he is quick and effective at it. One of the best things about Jareau and working with him was the challenge. His ideas caused me to really push my skills and think out of the box. Our lunch conversations went past the mind numbing, “what did you do this weekend”, and went to more intellectual topics that gets the mind turning and wondering. That is a priceless attribute and something I am really thankful for to have experienced in my career.

    J. Lawson Tyco Integrated Security
  • Jareau and I worked together for about 7 years. In his earlier role as the Help Desk, Jareau was always quick to find solutions and troubleshoot complex problems. He had extraordinary attention to detail and always went the extra mile to help clients. In his later role, he spearheaded the SEO/SEM program and provided tutorials for the web editor community. He has a firm grasp of not only best practices, but is also an excellent teacher and trainer. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization.

    T. Hill Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • This is the most heartfelt “goodbye” note I’ve ever read in my 18+ years here. In reading this it’s abundantly clear what type of human you are – and that’s the type of human I want to be associated with. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have worked alongside you over the last couple of years. Your attention to detail and work ethic are rare and come through in everything you do. Keep it up and let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to support you!

    T. Smith Johnson Controls

My TEDx Talk

About my experience from the 85th floor in NY’s World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th, 2001

I paused for a moment to look at myself in the mirror and take in the enormity of what had just happened. The white dust on my hands and face brought to mind those images I had of me at an old age. I thought to myself “this is your second chance”.

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