Jareau’s Career

20 years in the online business, information technology, and digital marketing space.

My Values

  • Integrity

    Communicate openly and honestly. Commit and deliver with the highest ethical standards.

  • Inclusion

    Embrace distinct perspectives. Treat others with dignity and respect.

  • Innovation

    Create value by transforming knowledge, experience, and creative ideas into practical solutions.

  • Inspiration

    Be the person who brought Guac to the party.

A few specifics?

Ok, sure. Let’s dive in.

  • The Line I Walk

    I’ve walked the line between Business and Technology, inclusive of Project Management, the Enterprise Web Development Life Cycle, Data Collection, Data Analysis and Reporting, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, and, Web Optimization since 2001. It’s a space I’m passionate about.

  • Where Are We Going?

    Wherever the data takes us. The data-driven insights I derive are used to drive cross-portfolio marketing and demand generation strategy, and digital product acquisition and/or development. So whether it’s optimizing current investments, building out new initiatives, sunsetting legacy efforts, or, procuring new solutions, data-driven decision making is key – and that’s precisely what I’m here for.

  • What Are We Looking For?

    We, well, I, establish and monitor key marketing performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, dimensions, raw data, data collection tags, data quality, transformation processes, how data is stored, shared, and used. Along the way I’m looking for shiny pennies, positive patterns, negative trends, risks, and opportunities.

  • And then?

    And then we tell a compelling story via dashboards and reports for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly analysis. Storytelling is done using tools like Salesforce’s Lightning, Oracle’s Eloqua, Google Analytics, Power BI, Excel and Power Query. Of course, we tell our story to anyone that would listen, but mostly to executive audiences and folks responsible for pipeline acceleration.

Tools I Use


From starting with Power Query, to pivoting against a pivot (who does that?!), I’ve been known to get rather creative with Excel.

Power BI

When Excel and Power Query have reached their limit, I’ll switch to Power BI.

Power Point

I’ll switch to PowerPoint when I need to tell portable, streamlined, point-in-time stories.


When it’s time for dissertation-level documentation, I reach for Word. Coincidentally, I wrote my dissertation in Word. I suppose it’s fair to say I’m comfortable with, uh, words. :)

Things I’ve Learned Over The Years


  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master


  • Eloqua Masters
  • I dabbled briefly in Pardot.


  • SiteCatalyst
  • Test&Target


  • Google Analytics Basic
  • Google Analytics Premium


  • Web Experience Management
  • Though, I haven’t come across a CMS that has stumped me.


  • Lightning

Brands I’ve Worked With Over the Years

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