Jareau’s Career

20+ years bridging business and technology

My Mission

To empower and inspire those around me with the information and knowledge they need to make better decisions, move forward, and grow.

My Values

  • Integrity

    Communicate openly and honestly. Commit and deliver with the highest ethical standards.

  • Inclusion

    Embrace distinct perspectives. Treat others with dignity and respect.

  • Innovation

    Create value by transforming knowledge, experience, and creative ideas into practical solutions.

  • Inspiration

    Be the person who brought Guac to the party.

A few specifics?

Ok, sure. Let’s dive in.

  • The Line I Walk

    I’ve walked the line between Business and Technology, inclusive of the Enterprise Web Development Life Cycle, Project-, Product-, and Program-Management, Data Collection, Transformation, Synthesis, Analysis, and Reporting, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, Web, and Commercial Operations optimization since 2001. The crux of it is people, process, data-driven decison-making.

  • Where Are We Going?

    Wherever the data takes us. Whether it’s optimizing current investments, building out new initiatives, sunsetting legacy efforts, or, procuring new solutions, data-driven decision making is a critical success factor — and that’s precisely what I’m here for.

  • What Are We Looking For?

    We are looking for trustworthy Data and creative ways of converting that data into Insights, which fuels our Knowledge and dictates Action, in order to follow that up by a period of honest Reflection, which in turn provides us with trustworthy Data.

  • And then?

    And then we tell a compelling story and affect positive change. Storytelling is done using tools like Salesforce’s Lightning, Oracle’s Eloqua, Google Analytics, Power BI, Excel and Power Query, Word, PowerPoint, Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, essentially anything that will carry a message. We tell our story to anyone that will listen, but mostly to executive audiences and folks responsible for pipeline acceleration and performance management.

Tools I Use


From starting with Power Query, to pivoting against a pivot (who does that?!), I’ve been known to get rather creative with Excel.

Power BI

When Excel and Power Query have reached their limit, I’ll switch to Power BI.

Power Point

I’ll switch to PowerPoint when I need to tell portable, streamlined, point-in-time stories.


When it’s time for dissertation-level documentation, I reach for Word. Coincidentally, I wrote my dissertation in Word. I suppose it’s fair to say I’m comfortable with, uh, words. :)

A Few Things I’ve Learned Over The Years


  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master


  • Eloqua Masters
  • I dabbled briefly in Pardot.


  • SiteCatalyst
  • Test&Target


  • Google Analytics Basic
  • Google Analytics Premium


  • Web Experience Management
  • Though, I haven’t come across a CMS that has stumped me.


  • Lightning
  • Einstein AI
  • CRMA Dataflows, Recipes, Dashboards

Cultural Mantras I Subscribe To

Tolerate Technical & Judgement Errors, not Normative Errors.

Not everyone is technically capable of doing a particular thing or performing a particular task. When we try and fail, we learn. We should applaud these attempts, of course while working through them, and treat them as opportunities for learning.
Judgement errors can and should be worked through. As long as person is working with the highest of ethical standards and doing the best they can with the information at hand, then these kinds of errors should be treated as learning opportunities as well.
Normative errors – errors of character – are detrimental to the endgame. Normative errors need to be identified immediately and the people who commit them need to be swiftly removed from the affected process. Encouraging open and honest discussion of technical and judgement errors fosters a high-performing culture of competence underscored by loyalty, honesty, and ethics.

Encourage Experimentation via Highly Disciplined Approaches

Experimentation without documentation can be costly. Errors might not be easily reversed, successes might not be easily duplicated. Encouraging experimentation needs to go hand-in-hand with requiring documentation.

Practice the Art of Being Candid

Like a martial art, being candid needs to be practiced often, in safe, and low-stress environments. Doing so hones, cultivates, and readies candor in a methodical, respectful, and empathetic way. Mastering the application of unvarnished candor is critical because it removes obstacles, helps avoid costly mistakes, opens a path for ideas to evolve, and helps people, processes, and the business improve.

Leverage Individual Accountability to Drive Collaboration

When individuals take responsibility, their contributions are self-scrutinized and passionately supported. Consensus, on the other hand, can allow for unsupported decisions to be made by silent acquiescence and a loose accountability structure. There should always be someone who is accountable for making informed decisions.

Grant Deference based on Competence

Increase the volume and shed light on the voices and valuable opinions of experts who don’t have high-ranking titles. Lower the hierarchical power distance and sit leaders (who practice these mantras) within the action, not above it.

Brands I’ve Worked With Over the Years