Ph.D. in Information Systems

WHY a Ph.D?

Glad you asked :) As I exited the Word Trade Center on September 11th, I thought to myself “I haven’t completed my studies. I need more time.” So I promised myself if I made it out alive I’d push as my academic potential to it’s limit.


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Information Systems at Nova Southeastern University is well suited for professionals working in areas such as information system planning, systems analysis and design, project management, information system administration, and information science. Essentially, it’s a great match for the steps I’ve taken throughout my entire career.


The program requires at least 64 credit hours to complete, of which 32 are for required and elective courses, and at least 32 are for the research and dissertation process. If you’re keeping track, that’s about two years of academics, and the rest on writing the dissertation. I stretched those two years a little bit further, but we can talk about that when we sit for coffee.


I was well underway with “Introducing High School Females to Computing Careers Through Information Systems Project Management”; to the tune of 29,000 words, and 156 pages. Alas, COVID-19 took the world by storm, and my research was directly affected. The final work is a mix of two efforts. Click the link below to take a look.