The Other Jareau’s

Jareau's Everywhere!

All these Jareau’s popping up on the Google. How’s that possible?

Take a look at all these other Jareau’s!

A part of me kind of enjoys that my name is popular… another part of me actually doesn’t want it to go main stream. I have,,, and others, but these guys, they’re also Jareau. Can there be more than one?

Jennifer “JJ” Jareau is a fictional TV character. She, yes, “she” is a special agent on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, portrayed by AJ Cook.

So, not really Jareau. More like, Jennifer. I’m Jareau, she’s Jennifer, Jareau.

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Sandy Jareau is another fictional TV character. She is the mother of the aforementioned Jennifer Jareau on the CBS show Criminal Minds.

Read more about Sandy Jareau on Criminal Minds Wiki

Jareau Wade, is Jareau, but a different Jareau. He’s the west coast Jareau. I’m the east coast Jareau. That other Jareau enjoys soccer, apparently has twins (pretty cool) was raised in Tucson, and went to UPenn, and does some really cool tech stuff.

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Apparently there’s a street named Jareau. Well, it’s really an avenue, a south avenue, of sorts, Jareau Ave S, and for some reason it’s in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, just east of Minneapolis, instead of where I live. 

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